Drop Off and Pick Up Times (Boarding)

Drop off and pick up is between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Different times may be accommodated upon request.


You can bring your own food or we offer Beneful or Purina. Please let our staff know of any specific feeding instructions. We supply all bowls.


We will administer most medications (except anything that requires an injection) at no additional cost. Medications must be supplied in containers with clear directions.


We provide all bedding (with different options available). Or you can bring a favorite blanket, but we encourage it be washed before brought into the kennel.


We invite you to bring your pet’s favorite toy or play object. If you forget, we have a full range of toys for sale in our gift shop.


If a dog is overly aggressive or unruly, puts our staff in any danger or is destructive to the kennel, we reserve the right to call the owner to have the dog removed.