Mutt in Jeff is the longest operating kennel in Western Sullivan county, first established in 1978. We have just completed two years of renovating and updating our entire kennel facility – including the addition of a 600 square-foot boarding area complete with 18 brand new luxury suites, a state-of-the-art climate control system and a 400 square-foot covered play yard. We are supplementing the physical improvements with extra comfort and safety touches for our boarders: new varieties of bedding, the playing of movies and videos during the day, better lighting and installing security cameras throughout the kennel.

Just as important to providing a modern and updated building, our staff brings more than 60 years of combined experience in caring for your pets. Every dog and cat is different, requiring personal attention and touches that can only be administered by knowledgeable and compassionate personnel.

We take pride in the close relationships our staff has with frequent boarders and the time they take to establish that same intimacy with new arrivals. We pay special attention to your pet’s nutritional, medical and emotional needs.

To help preserve the safest and healthiest environment possible, dogs do not share yard time with other dogs but are put out individually. We also strictly adhere to required vaccine and shot records. In addition, our kennel areas are rigorously cleaned and disinfected every day.

Our new custom-made kennels and kitchen area are designed to provide your dogs special attention and care from the moment they get here.
All suites are climate-controlled with a combined heating/air conditioning system and ceiling fans to circulate the air.
We have a wide array of sleeping options, including cots, beds, pillows and blankets.
In their spacious accommodation, boarders can rest/sleep on custom cots and blankets.
Our separate cat suite features triple-decker cages and video players. Cats and dogs are boarded in completely different sections.
Our new covered play yard is furnished with a variety of obstacles for dogs to run around, climb on and crawl through.