Our boarding fees:

Dogs: $32 (cash); $34 (credit card) per night per dog

Cats: $22 (cash); $23 (credit card) per night per cat

*If you pick up before 11 a.m., there is no charge for that day.

*Discounts are offered for extended stays of one month or longer.

Grooming fees

Small dogs can expect to price from $60- $70, medium from $70-$80 and large breed dogs $80 to $100 range.

The main factors we consider when pricing are size, coat type and condition, style of haircut, and temperament. It all depends on the time spent to groom. A dog that gets groomed every 4-6 weeks is typically in good condition and will not need as much prep work. A dog that hasn’t been groomed for some time could take a good half hour to an hour to brush out or shave off mats (knots).

Coat Type

Short haired dogs are typically less because they will only need to be brushed out after the bath rather than getting a hair cut like a long haired dog. Please be aware that short haired dogs may be shedding which can also affect the price. The longer it takes to remove all the dead hair the more expensive it will be.

Haircut Style

Style of haircut affects the price because certain styles take longer than others. For example, a dog that always gets shaved down to a short length will come back and the coat will still be on the shorter side, if it’s been coming consistently. A dog that is getting groomed consistently, but is left longer, there is a lot more hair to wash, dry, and brush.  Plus, the hand-scissoring technique used to create a longer look takes more time. For example, in order to get the big fluffy round Bichon head the groomer needs to fluff dry it and hand scissor it, which is more time consuming compared to a Bichon who gets the head and ears shaved all one length. This also pertains to dogs that get groomed like the  breed standard and are in a “pattern cut” with a skirt or longer hand-scissored legs compared to dogs that are shaved one length all over.


Temperament is a big factor that a groomer needs to consider. It is also won’t be fully known until we’ve started working with the pet. Temperament doesn’t only mean aggressive. There are many nervous or shy pets that do best when groomed slowly so a trusting relationship can be built. A dog with a very playful personality is great, but is very hard to groom if they are excited and moving about constantly. If it is an aggressive dog and has to be muzzled or requires more than one groomer, it will take longer and increase the price.

The best way to keep the price as low as possible is to get on a schedule for every 4-8 weeks, brush in between groomings, and start them young so they are accustomed to being groomed and behave well.